Human Development

At Right On, our primary focus is on serving people—especially our employees and customers—to ensure the ongoing growth and viability of the business. We are committed to providing a safe and welcoming workplace environment with the best possible facilities and support systems so that our employees can thrive, prosper and above all enjoy their work. Contented employees make a happy workplace, and this in turn translates to satisfied customers.

An inclusive workplace for womenAn inclusive workplace for women

  • An inclusive workplace for women
  • Women constitute a significant proportion of both the customer base and the workforce at Right On. Our company is committed to providing a welcoming and supportive environment for women.
  • • 32.4% of management positions are held by women
  • • Women represent 67% of the total workforce (including 37.3% of full-time employees)
  • • Women account for 55% of new graduate hires
  • • Women account for 58% of all other hires
  • • 66.9% of part-time employees are women

To our overseas customersTo our overseas customers

  • To our overseas customers
  • Inbound tourism to Japan is enjoying a period of unprecedented growth thanks to a combination of several factors such as: a significant easing of visa restrictions; more generous duty-free discounts for tourists on household electrical appliances, clothes, accessories and food and drink products; the favorable yen exchange rate; and the advent of low-cost carriers (LCC). Right On is working on initiatives that will enable us to capitalize on the tourism boom, such as foreign language services in-store.
  • • Employees recruited from outside Japan = 17

Workforce diversityWorkforce diversity

  • Workforce diversity
  • Right On is committed to embracing and supporting diversity and providing a workplace environment predicated on respect for every individual regardless of age, nationality, disability and sexual orientation. Right On actively supports inclusive working arrangements.
  • • Non-Japanese employees = 116
  • • Employees with a disability = 2.77%
  • • Average length of employment for female employees = one year less than male employees
  • • Employees who have taken parenting leave = 142 (no male)